Mayne Pharma in the Community


At Mayne Pharma, our philanthropic efforts are employee led and community focused.

All Mayne Pharma employees are encouraged to put forth ideas and organizations for which donations will make a profound impact. Here is a small sample of organizations recently supported by Mayne Pharma and its employees:

  • United Way Employee Campaign (US) – The United Way provides a platform for elective employee gifts to charitable donations via payroll deduction. The company sponsors an “Agency Fair” that allows non-profit agencies associated with the United Way to come on site and talk directly with employees about their mission and programs. Employees can either give directly to a designated agency or give to the general United Way fund. The company matches all donations. In 2017, more than US$75,000 was raised.
  • Red Kite Charity (Australia) – Mayne Pharma is State Sponsor. Red Kite provides support to families affected by childhood and adolescent cancer.
  • Children’s Park rehabilitation (US) – The company established its own project in funding the rehabilitation of a local children’s park and playground and the establishment of a Mayne Pharma-sponsored “Born Learning Trail” at the park, designed to provide an applied educational experience at the park for children and their parents.
  • Ronald McDonald Houses (Eastern North Carolina) – In 2017, Mayne Pharma partnered with the Ronald McDonald Houses, resulting in a gift of nearly US$30,000. Ronald McDonald Houses work to keep families with sick children together, and near the care and resources they need.
  • Days for Girls – In 2022, Mayne Pharma presented a gift of $20,000 to Days for Girls, an organization on a mission to ensure access to menstrual health supplies and education to prevent health challenges, stigmatization, and missed school/work.

Mayne Pharma also is committed to supporting the development of the next generation of scientists and pharmaceutical professionals through S.T.E.M. programming in local schools. We have long-standing partnerships with several universities in Australia to provide financial and instructional support in chemistry, as well as the areas of curriculum development and student internships. Our employees are encouraged to directly share their time, talents and expertise in classrooms. Throughout the years, these partnerships have nurtured the educational pursuits of thousands of current and future scientists, some of whom now are Mayne Pharma team members.

Product Donations

Each year, Mayne Pharma makes significant donations of needed medicines to two non-profit Relief Aid organizations, Map International and Americares. These organizations distribute essential medicines to patients in countries where medicine and health care are not readily available. These organizations also provide disaster response support with necessary medicines.

Mayne Pharma products such as Nystatin (antifungal for skin infections), Doxycycline (antibiotic for bacterial infections), Clarithromycin (antibiotic for bacterial infections), Clonidine (treatment for hypertension/high blood pressure), Trimethoprim (antibiotic for bladder infections), Amiodarone (antiarrhythmic for irregular heartbeat), and Carbidopa/Levodopa (Parkinson’s disease therapy) were donated this year. Many of these products are found on the World Health Organizations (WHO) list of essential medicines. Countries that received our products included Cambodia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, and the Philippines.

Mayne Pharma employees take pride in their worldwide impact on the health of others in their time of need.