Learning and Development

As the company grows, so must our people. We endeavor to create an opportunity for continuous learning as well as ongoing professional and personal development.

For this reason, new hire training, professional development programs, and ongoing learning opportunities are critical priorities. Our development goal is simple—work to build alignment between your professional objectives and our strategic objectives, and give you the tools, support and resources to take ownership for your career development.

Mayne Pharma Academy

The Mayne Pharma Academy offers more than 60 courses providing learning and development opportunities covering professional and personal growth, leadership development, and career planning development support. Supported and facilitated by a blend of internal trainers and outside experts, employees can partner with their supervisors to identify and attend courses that address their specific development need and professional aspirations. Here is a small sample of courses from our current catalog:

  • Leadership Certificate Program
  • Management Certificate Program
  • Negotiation and effective influencing
  • Time management
  • Effective presentations
  • Team-building
  • Project management
  • Goal-setting

Tuition Reimbursement

Mayne Pharma provides tuition support to employees enrolled in job-related degree programs at accredited colleges and universities.

“Mayne Pharma offers an amazing work experience that is like no other, from the everyday smiles and everyday challenges, you will be glad you joined.”

– Trevor Dunn, Manufacturing Operator, Greenville, North Carolina