Culture at Mayne Pharma

Fast-paced. Dynamic. Collaborative. Our success begins and ends with our people and is centered on a collective passion to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients.

Our behavior and interactions with our clients and customers are rooted in our core values: Passion, Creativity, Integrity, Accountability, Empowerment and Agility.

We believe that our leaders play a critical role in creating and sustaining our culture and values. Every Mayne Pharma employee deserves a great leader, someone who inspires and engages the team with every interaction and who provides his or her employees with opportunities to discover, learn, develop and contribute continuously. For this reason, we set clear expectations for our people leaders to provide ongoing training, developmental feedback, and a culture of inclusion and collaboration.

We are an organization that is on the move and committed to continuous improvement as individuals and as an organization.

Student Conducting research using microscope