Generic Products

For more than 30 years now, Mayne Pharma has developed high-quality generic products to offer patients improved access and affordable options to medications that enhance their lives.

Our robust portfolio of generic products highlights Mayne Pharma’s known expertise for advanced, complex and niche pharmaceuticals.

Mayne Pharma is continuously adding to its portfolio of generic pharmaceuticals — adding more of the cost-effective, life-enhancing medications patients need. We add new products to our portfolio through acquisition and partnerships as well as internal drug development driven by our own pharmaceutical scientists.

Physicians and Pharmacists

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Wholesalers and Customers

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Generic prescription drugs saved American consumers $293 billion in 2018 and now represent 90 percent of all prescriptions filled in the United States annually, according to the Association for Accessible Medicines. Refer to the 2020 Generic Drug & Biosimilars Access and Savings in the US report.

Mayne Pharma is proud to apply its successful track record of pharmaceutical innovation to developing new generic drugs that offer patients greater access to more affordable medications. To learn more about generic pharmaceuticals and how they both increase access and decrease health-care costs, visit

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For further information on short-acting contraceptives visit This website is for use by healthcare professionals in the United States to provide a searchable reference tool of short-acting contraceptives. It can be used to quickly and easily search available products, identify comparable products, and differentiate between offerings. Searches can be performed based upon Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs), product names, hormones, dosage forms, and more.