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Governance Framework

Mayne Pharma is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency and regularly reviews its governance practices.

Governance Structure

The Board of Mayne Pharma is:

  • responsible for overseeing and guiding the management of the Group with the aim of protecting and enhancing the interests of its shareholders
  • considering the interests of other stakeholders including employees and the wider community
  • responsible for identifying significant business risks and ensuring arrangements are in place to adequately manage those risks
  • monitors sustainability as it relates to health, safety, the environment and our people

The Chief Executive Officer, who is also an Executive Director has operational responsibility for sustainability risks.

Management assist with the formulation and implementation of sustainability policies across the organisation.

We continue to strengthen our culture of compliance across the organisation through the application of robust policies and controls, on which staff are regularly training, aiming for a consistent global approach to compliance. We monitor the effectiveness of this and continually look for opportunities to improve.

All Mayne Pharma staff globally participate in face-to-face training on the Business Code of Conduct as well as specific compliance policies covering issues such as responsible business activities, whistleblowing and securities trading.

All material breaches of the Business Code of Conduct are reported to the Audit and Risk Committee, along with any whistleblower reports.