Sustainability Our Approach

Our responsibilities as an organisation are to the patients and consumers we serve, our employees, the communities in which we operate and our shareholders.

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Socially responsible organisation

As a socially responsible organisation, we aim to:

  • attract and retain the best talent
  • promote a safe and healthy work environment
  • deal ethically and fairly with all stakeholders
  • prevent or minimise any environmental impact
  • encourage innovation in product design
  • meet or exceed our statutory obligations and commitments
  • deliver returns to our shareholders
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Key stakeholders

Mayne Pharma recognises the importance of stakeholder engagement. We believe our business is strengthened by engaging and fostering relationships with our key internal and external stakeholders in relation to social, environmental and governance matters.

Our key stakeholders include:

  • suppliers who contribute to the manufacture of our products
  • customers who purchase our products
  • doctors, nurses and patients who use our products
  • our employees
  • local communities
  • regulatory authorities
  • investors

Mayne Pharma regularly engages with its stakeholders through a wide variety of mechanisms to ensure the Company meets their needs.