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At Mayne Pharma, we recognise that we are part of a global community. As part of this community, we are committed to operating our business in a sustainable manner that ensures our people are safe and well-supported, local communities prosper and the environment is well cared for so that it benefits future generations.

The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for improving living standards around the world and enabling people to live longer and healthier lives. Mayne Pharma’s key focus is to bring better and more affordable medicines to market enabling patients to better manage diseases and their health. 

Our responsibilities as an organisation are to the patients and consumers we serve, our employees, the communities in which we operate and our shareholders. We endeavour to attract and retain the best talent, promote a safe and healthy work environment, deal ethically and fairly with all stakeholders, prevent or minimise any environmental impact, encourage innovation in product design and deliver superior returns to our shareholders.


Sustainability Report

Download the 2016 Sustainability Report 


Our Material Issues

Employee health and safety

Ensuring our employees work in a safe environment, which meets or exceeds relevant regulatory expectations, addresses health and safety concerns as they arise and mitigates opportunities for reoccurrence of incidents.

Product pricing and accessibility

Strategies and initiatives designed to provide more affordable pharmaceutical pricing and accessibility to products for patients through development, manufacture and marketing of high quality generic and branded products.

Product quality and safety to customers

Choosing materials from quality sources, complying with current Good Manufacturing Practice, and delivering fit-for-purpose, safe products to customers. Mayne Pharma aims to adhere to, or exceed strict regulatory standards in all jurisdictions that it serves, and investigates all concerns to ensure our products maintain the highest quality.

Corruption and bribery

Business must be conducted with transparency, and free from unethical persuasion. Ethical business practices relate to every aspect of Mayne Pharma’s business, from identifying product sources, through development of pharmaceuticals, transactions with regulatory bodies and sale to customers.

Ethical purchasing and human rights in the supply chain

Responsibility to partners to ensure our product line is free from human rights concerns such as forced labour and trafficking, unsafe labour standards and unfair treatment. These issues can arise in all areas of the organisation where human resources are utilised across the supply chain.


Responsibility to drive compliance with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our global business.  Includes training programs, continuous improvement and striving for best-practice. Consequently, compliance affects every aspect of what we do, to deliver quality products to consumers.

Resource use and waste management

Includes energy usage during manufacture and logistics, water usage and waste as a by-product of manufacture. Stakeholders increasingly demand disclosure of resource usage and waste management for a more sustainable product investment.


Packaging sustainability

To demonstrate its commitment to packaging sustainability, Mayne Pharma signed the Australian Packaging Covenant in 2018. As a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), Mayne Pharma is committed to further reducing its environmental footprint by reviewing new and existing packaging against APCO Sustainable Packaging Guidelines. Mayne Pharma is in the process of developing a Packaging Sustainability Strategy that includes targets such as reducing packaging weight where possible, exploring opportunities for increased recovery of packaging, and increasing use of recycled and renewable materials. Mayne Pharma’s 2019 APCO Annual Report & Action Plan is here


Sustainability Survey

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