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Lozanoc / Itragerm Capsules


Lozanoc and Itragerm is an orally administered antifungal agent with the active ingredient itraconazole. Itraconazole treats fungal infections by binding to fungal cytochrome P450 and disrupting the biosynthesis of ergosterol. Itraconazole consists of a 5-member triazole ring with three nitrogen atoms, which may be responsible for its broad spectrum of activity. 

Developed and Manufactured in Australia

Lozanoc and Itragerm are manufactured by Mayne Pharma at our development and manufacturing facility in South Australia. Mayne Pharma is a technology-driven pharmaceutical company with a well-established track record of innovation and success in developing new oral drug delivery systems.

We currently have distribution partners for Lozanoc in the following countries:  Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Columbia, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Spain.

Opportunities remain for licensing in a significant number of other international territories. 

SUBA™ technology brings improved bioavailability

Lozanoc and Itragerm have approximately double the bioavailability of the conventional itraconazole formulation. This greater bioavailability compared with conventional formulations is achieved using the SUBA manufacturing process, a proprietary technology developed by Mayne Pharma. SUBA technology utilizes a solid dispersion of drug in a polymer matrix to improve the dissolution of poorly soluble drugs resulting in improved absorption of these drugs in the gastrointestinal tract.