Ethical Sourcing and Modern Slavery

Our Business code of conduct and Supplier code of conduct outlines our values and the standards we expect from our employees, suppliers and partners. These responsibilities represent the foundation of our company and what we stand for. We seek to prevent or mitigate adverse human rights practices that are linked to our operations, products or services.

Our commitment is formalised and manifested through these policies, our governance and EHS systems. We endeavour to ensure our procurement processes are fair and equitable.

We expect that our suppliers:

  • engage in lawful business practices
  • uphold ethical employment and management practices
  • minimise the impact on the environment
  • provide a safe and healthy workplace

Mayne Pharma is dedicated to upholding the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Act) and operating its business lawfully, ethically, and transparently. Mayne Pharma’s Modern Slavery Statement outlines the actions we have taken to mitigate the risks of modern slavery in our business and our supply chain.