Sustainability Health and Safety

Mayne Pharma is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for its employees, contractors and visitors. We promote health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace and constantly strive to equip our people with the right skills to perform their roles safely. We provide training and development opportunities for staff and encourage a supportive and inclusive culture.

Protection of employee health and safety (EHS) is a fundamental aspect of Mayne Pharma’s employee value proposition and is an operational imperative of the Company.

Pharmaceutical manufacture and related activities such as laboratory activities and plant and equipment maintenance carry inherent risks associated with chemicals and machinery that have known EH&S concerns.

Ultimate responsibility for EHS sits with the CEO, supported by leaders and managers who have been delegated authority and accountability. At the Board level, oversight of EHS resides within the Audit & Risk Committee, which has the authority for the establishment and maintenance of a framework of internal control and ethical standards.

Each region also has dedicated EHS specialists who work in consultation and collaboration with leaders, management and employees. They identify, develop, implement, monitor, review and continuously improve the EHS Management Systems in each region.


The regional EHS Management Systems have defined policies, procedures and work practices for the elimination or mitigation of EHS hazards and risks, aligned to regulatory requirements.

In addition to compliance with all applicable EHS regulations, the Company:

  • continually strives to create a culture of EHS excellence that impacts the way our employees approach everything they do
  • undertakes monthly site inspections, site auditing against Company policies and periodic external auditing of compliance with our safety management system and relevant legislation

EHS reporting is covered in key Board and management documents. Reporting includes disclosure on leading and lagging indicators such as injury rates, hazard identification and CAPA – corrective and preventative actions.

We investigate all workplace injuries and near-misses, developing and implementing corrective and preventive actions to prevent recurrence.

Mayne Pharma’s global Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) in FY20 was 1.7 (ie. 1.7 lost time injuries for every million-man hour worked). This is well below the US pharmaceutical manufacturing industry average of 5.6. The Company had a set target of 3.0 in these reporting periods.