Energy Use and Emissions

Mayne Pharma’s major energy sources are electricity and natural gas at its manufacturing site in Salisbury, South Australia. Mayne Pharma considers sustainable design features when investing in its plants.

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Emissions from our manufacturing sites are subject to reporting to various environmental agencies and we are required to notify those agencies in the event of material changes to plant, equipment or processes that may increase the risk of environmental harm arising from operations.

In Australia, our Environmental Authorisation is issued by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and the Salisbury site is required to provide an annual return detailing emissions volumes as specified in the National Pollution Inventory (NPI) reporting standards and any material changes to operations. Emissions are monitored as part of mandated NPI reporting requirements, which are submitted to the NPI and also used for the EPA annual return process.

Mayne Pharma’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are outlined in the following table. The number of doses manufactured in the two manufacturing sites remained consistent at 850m doses over both financial periods.