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22/05/2019 FDA Approves Sorilux for Adolescent Plaque Psoriasis

14/05/2019 Mayne Pharma Market Update

22/02/2019 HY19 Results Media Release

19/02/2019 Mayne Pharma Announces New Chronic Breathlessness Indication for Kapanol® by TGA

13/02/2019 Mayne Pharma Launches Lexette™ (Halobetasol Propionate) Foam 0.05% in the US

30/01/2019 Mayne Pharma Tolsura (SUBA®-itraconazole) capsule now launched in the US

20/12/2018 Mayne Pharma extends debt facility and adds receivables facility

17/12/2018 Mayne Pharma announces US commercial rights for Suba®-Itraconazole in BCCNS

12/12/2018 Mayne Pharma receives FDA approval of TolsuraTM 

29/10/2018 Retirement of Director

26/10/2018 Mayne Pharma Acquires FDA-Approved Halobetasol Foam, Complementing US Dermatology Portfolio

24/08/2018 Mayne Pharma FY18 Results Media Release 

30/07/2018 Mayne Pharma Launches Butalbital Acetaminophen Capsules in the United States 

23/07/2018 Mayne Pharma Acquires Generic Efudex®, Complementing US Dermatology Portfolio

16/07/2018 Mayne Pharma Launches Generic Kapvay® in the U.S.

28/06/2018 Mayne Pharma further strengthens Board with new Director

30/05/2018 Mayne Pharma strengthens Board with new Director

02/05/2018 Mayne Pharma Announces FDA Acceptance of new Drug Application for its Antifungal Suba®-Itraconazole Capsule

17/04/2018 Mayne Pharma Opens New $80-Million Oral Solid-Dose Commercial Manufacturing Facility in Greenville, North Carolina

16/04/2018 Mayne Pharma Launches Amiodarone Tablets 200mg in the United States

26/03/2018 Mayne Pharma Launches Generic Quartette® in the U.S., Another Women's Health Product

20/03/2018 Mayne Pharma’s Generic Nuvaring® Anda Accepted for Filing by FDA

15/03/2018 Mayne Pharma Launches Doxycycline IR Capsules in the US, Generic Monodox

27/02/2018 Mayne Pharma Launches First Generic Methylphenidate Extended-Release 10 MG Capsules in the United States

23/02/2018 HY18 Results Media Release (PDF)

28/11/2017 2017 AGM Chairman's Speech (PDF)

28/11/2017 2017 AGM CEO's Speech (PDF) 

09/11/2017 Mayne Pharma launches clozapine tablets in the US (PDF)

15/09/2017 Mayne Pharma adds two products to its Australian portfolio (PDF)

25/08/2017 Mayne Pharma 2017 Results Media Release (PDF)

08/08/2017 Mayne Pharma market update (PDF)

15/06/2017 Mayne Pharma annouces FDA approval and immediate launch of doxycycline hyclate IR tablets, first generic to Acticlate® (PDF)

09/03/2017 Mayne Pharma appoints new Group CFO and Company Secretary (PDF)

09/03/2017 Mayne Pharma acquires rights to generic Duragesic in the US (PDF)

28/02/2017 License and supply agreement for generic Nuvaring in the US (PDF)

24/02/2017 2017 Half Year Media Release (PDF)

21/02/2017 Mayne Pharma launches Methylphenidate extended-release 60mg capsules in the United States (PDF)

16/02/2017 Mayne Pharma launches Butalbital Acetaminophen tablets in the United States (PDF)

16/01/2017 Mayne Pharma announces leadership changes (PDF)

13/01/2017 Mayne Pharma launches Amiodarone tablets 100mg in the United States (PDF)

11/01/2017 Mayne Pharma launches Fabior® and Sorilux® in the United States (PDF)

29/11/2016 2016 AGM Chairman's Speech (PDF)

29/11/2016 2016 AGM CEO's Speech (PDF) 

21/11/2016 Mayne Pharma launches generic Temodar (Temozolomide) capsules in US (PDF) 

03/11/2016 MYX launches generic MS Contin (morphine sulfate) tablets (PDF)

27/10/2016 MYX launches generic Entocort EC (Budesonide) capsules (PDF)

21/09/2016 Mayne Pharma appoint new Director (PDF)

26/08/2016 Mayne Pharma 2016 Results Media Release (PDF)

18/08/2016 MYX announces acquisition of US foam dermatology assets (PDF)

03/08/2016 Mayne Pharma closes acquisition of generic portfolio from Teva and Allergan (PDF)

29/07/2016 MYX announces settlement from patent infringement case (PDF)

20/07/2016 Retail Entitlement Offer completion and scale back policy (PDF)

30/06/2016 Mayne Pharma announces successful completion of institutional entitlement offer and placement (PDF)

28/06/2016 Acquisition of US generic product portfolio from Teva and Allergan (PDF)

07/06/2016 MYX receives first generic approval of Tikosyn capsules (PDF)

23/05/2016 Mayne Pharma receives FDA approval for Doryx MPC tablets (PDF)

26/02/2016 2016 Half Year Media Release (PDF)

16/02/2015 Mayne Pharma named Pitt County Industry of the Year (PDF)

26/11/2015 2015 AGM CEO's Speech (PDF)

26/11/2015 2015 AGM Chairman's Speech (PDF)

28/08/2015 2015 Full Year Results Media Release (PDF)

28/08/2015 Mayne announces strategic investment in US facilities (PDF)

10/08/2015 Mayne Pharma launches Doryx 50 mg Tablet (PDF)

05/08/2015 Mayne Pharma appoints new senior management (PDF)

04/08/2015 Mayne Pharma recipient of AUS $4m Government Grant (PDF)

25/06/2015 Mayne Pharma successfully completes US $125m debt financing (PDF)

18/05/2015 New equity investment in Hedgepath Pharmaceuticals (PDF)

04/05/2015 US Oxycodone franchise restructure and Doryx re-launch (PDF)


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