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Results & Reports

2019 Half Year Results & Reports 

HY19 Results Media Release
HY19 Results Presentation
HY19 Report and Accounts
HY19 Results Briefing Webcast

2018 Full Year Results & Reports 

Mayne Pharma 2018 Annual Report
FY18 Results Media Release
FY18 Results Presentation
FY18 Report and Accounts
FY18 Results Briefing Webcast

2018 Half Year Results & Reports 

HY18 Results Media Release
HY18 Results Presentation
HY18 Report and Accounts
HY18 Results Briefing Webcast

2017 Full Year Results & Reports  

Mayne Pharma 2017 Annual Report
FY17 Results Media Release
FY17 Results Presentation
FY17 Report and Accounts
FY17 Results Briefing Webcast

2017 Half Year Results & Reports  

HY17 Results Media Release
HY17 Results Presentation
HY17 Report and Accounts
HY17 Results Briefing Webcast

2016 Full Year Results & Reports  

Mayne Pharma 2016 Annual Report
FY16 Results Media Release
FY16 Results Presentation
FY16 Report and Accounts
FY16 Results Briefing Webcast

2016 Half Year Results & Reports  

HY16 Results Media Release
HY16 Results Presentation
HY16 Report and Accounts
HY16 Results Briefing Webcast

2015 Full Year Results & Reports

Mayne Pharma 2015 Annual Report (PDF) 
FY15 Results Media Release (PDF)
FY15 Results Presentation (PDF)

2015 Half Year Results & Reports  

HY15 Media Release (PDF)
HY15 Report and Accounts (PDF)

2014 Full Year Results & Reports  

Mayne Pharma 2014 Annual Report (PDF)
FY14 Results Press Release (PDF)
FY14 Results Presentation (PDF)

2014 Half Year Results & Reports        

HY14 Results Press Release (PDF)
HY14 Results Presentation (PDF)
HY14 Appendix 4D (PDF)