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SUBA™ Bioavailability-Intraconozole Study

Pharmacokinetic studies to date highlight the superior bioavailability of SUBA-Itraconazole to the market leading antifungal product, Sporanox®.

Itraconazole Bioavailability Study CM4799

Itraconazole, Mean plasma concentration (n=8)
Treatment A (blue): 1x100mg test itraconazole capsule, fasted
Treatment B (red): 1x100mg Sporanox capsule, fasted

SUBA™ Bioavailability - Itraconazole Study

Source: Pilot study to compare the bioavailability of a test itraconazole formulation with the reference Sporanox®. Report of Itraconazole Bioavailability Study Number CM4799. 24 Nov 1999.

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