mayne pharma

Contract Manufacturing

Mayne Pharma has more than 40 years of specialist manufacturing experience and has produced many prescription and pharmacy medications that have been successfully sold in markets around the world.

With an established GMP accredited manufacturing facility as certified by chief regulatory authorities (including the FDA, TGA, MHRA, TPD and various Asian regulatory bodies) the company's site located in Salisbury, South Australia, is licensed to handle CII/S8 compounds (controlled drug substances) as well as use chlorinated solvents and alcohols in the manufacturing process.

Mayne Pharma has the capacity to provide a seamless manufacture scale up pathway from formulation and clinical trial stage, (Including pilot scale studies), right through to commercial scale manufacture of packaged goods ready to be dispensed.

Clients enjoy flexibility and choice due to Mayne Pharma's ability to manufacture, fill and package finished  products, in a variety of formats, on site ready for shipment, as well as ship bulk manufactured product to external filling and packaging locations in line with regulatory requirements and client preference.


Download Drug Delivery & Contract Manufacturing brochure (PDF)

Download Liquids & Creams Manufacture brochure (PDF)

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