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Results & Reports

2015 Full Year Results & Reports  

Mayne Pharma announced its results for the full year ending 30 June 2015.






2015 Annual Report (PDF) 

2015 Full Year Results Media Release (PDF)

2015 Full Year Investor Presentation (PDF)


2015 Half Year Results & Reports  

2015 Half Year Media Release (PDF)

Half Yearly Report and Accounts (PDF)


2014 FullYear Results & Reports  

2014 Annual Report

  Mayne Pharma 2014 Annual Report (PDF)

FY14 Results Press Release (PDF)

FY14 Results Investor Presentation (PDF)

2014 Half Year Results & Reports        

HY14 Results Press Release (PDF)

HY14 Results Presentation (PDF)

HY14 Appendix 4D (PDF)

2013 Full Year Results & Reports 


Mayne Pharma 2013 Annual Report (PDF)

FY13 Media Release (PDF)

FY13 Results Presentation (PDF)

MYX Appendix 4E (PDF)

2013 Half Year Results & Reports 

HY13 Results Media Release (PDF)

HY13 Appendix 4D (PDF)

2012 Full Year Results & Reports    

2012 Annual Report

Mayne Pharma Group 2012 Annual Report

FY12 Results Press Release (PDF)

FY12 Appendix 4E (PDF)

FY12 Results Presentation (PDF)

 2012 Half Year Results & Reports  

HY12 Results Press Release (PDF)

HY12 Appendix 4D (PDF)

HY12 Results Presentation (PDF)

2011 Full Year Results & Reports  

2011 Annual Report

Mayne Pharma Group 2011 Annual Report (PDF)

FY11 Results Press Release (PDF)

FY11 Appendix 4E (PDF)

FY11 Results Presentation (PDF)

2011 Half Year Results & Reports

HY11 Results Press Release (PDF)

HY11 Appendix 4D (PDF)

HY11 Results Presentation (PDF)

2010 Full Year Results & Reports

FY10 Results Presentation (PDF)

FY10 Results Press Release (PDF)

FY10 Statutory Accounts (PDF)

2010 Half Year Results & Reports

HY10 Results Press Release (PDF)

HY10 Appendix 4D (PDF)

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