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  • Whilst we aim to provide the latest information relating to our products and services on this Web site, we do not warrant the accuracy or suitability of such information. Each person accessing or using this website (or other linked website) assumes full responsibility and all risks arising from such use. The information presented may inadvertently include technical inaccuracies or typographical or factual errors.
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  • Mayne Pharma makes no representation and gives no warranty in relation to the information on this Web site. To the full extent permitted by law, Mayne Pharma makes no representation and gives no warranty, express or implied, whether by law, contract or otherwise, including without limitation, in relation to any product or services, any warranty of merchantability, fitness for purpose, or no infringement of any third party rights.
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  • Mayne Pharma is not responsible or liable, and provides no warranty whatsoever, for the accuracy of any information on this web site obtained from or posted by any third party, including, without limitation, any information accessed through any hyperlink to or from third party sites.

Product Labeling

  • Unless otherwise noted, product names, descriptions and labeling are of Australian origin.
  • Products may not be available in all countries or may be available under a different brand name, in different strengths, or for different indications.
  • Some of the products listed are available only by prescription.
  • Except as expressly stated and agreed upon in advance by Mayne Pharma, no director, employee, agent, or representative of Mayne Pharma, its subsidiaries and affiliates are engaged in rendering medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or other medical or diagnostic services that in any way create a doctor-patient relationship through this Web site.

Intellectual Property

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  • ASTRIX, CLEANTASTE, DORYX, ERYC, ERYMAX, KADIAN, MAGNOPLASM and SUBA are Australian registered trade marks of Mayne Pharma International Pty Ltd.
  • AUSTYN, NOPAP, PRODOPA and the MAYNE PHARMA logo are trade marks of Mayne Pharma International Pty Ltd.
  • BETADINE is an Australian registered trade mark of Mundipharma Inc used under licence.
  • KAPANOL is an Australian registered trade mark of Glaxo Group Limited used under licence.
  • VIBRAMYCIN is a registered trade mark of Pfizer Products Inc.
  • TYLENOL and SPORANOX are registered trade marks of Johnson & Johnson.

Limitation of Liability

  • Mayne Pharma assumes no liability for any information provided on this Web site. Mayne Pharma disclaims any liability for injury, loss or damage resulting from the use of this Web site (or any other web site by hyperlink or otherwise).
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