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Cleantaste™ Study

Cleantaste™ microencapsulation technology has been applied to a number of drugs including taste masked Paracetamol (Nopap™) powder and tablets.

The below graph shows that the taste masked paracetamol chewable tablets had an equivalent blood profile to Tylenol® indicating that Mayne Pharma’s Cleantaste™ technology allows paracetamol to be as effective when taste masked compared to when administered as un-taste masked paracetamol.

Paracetamol Bioavailability Study PAR-2/93

Paracetamol, Mean plasma concentration (n=14)
Nopap C1 (blue): 500mg, fasting
Nopap C2 (red): 500mg, fasting
Tylenol® (green): 500mg, fasting

Cleantaste Graph

Source: Study to compare the bioequivalence of Nopap C1&2 taste-masked tablets with the reference Tylenol®. Report of Paracetamol Bioequivalence Study Number PAR-2/93. May 1994.

Please note this information is intended for potential licensees. 

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