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Cleantaste™ Technology

CleantasteCleantaste™ is a proprietary Mayne Pharma microencapsulation technology that can;

  • provide taste masking of unpalatable drugs
  • improve pharmaceutical stability and/ or 
  • sustain the release of drugs.

Cleantaste™ generates microcapsules with a fine particle size (25-150μm diameter), that are small enough to be non-gritty in the mouth. This allows for a superior mouth feel compared to other microencapsulation technologies and enables incorporation into oral disintegrating, chewable and/or dispersible tablets, sachets and liquid formulations as well as hard and soft gelatine capsules.

Some 20% of the population have difficulty swallowing conventional solid oral dose forms (particularly children and the elderly). Cleantaste™ provides the opportunity to meet the needs of this market segment with formulations that are pleasant tasting and easy to swallow.

Cleantaste whole microcapsules (200x) Microcapsule cross section (4000x)
 Whole microcapsules (200x) Microcapsule cross section (4000x)

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