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Benefits of improved Drug Delivery

Improving clinical outcomes & maximising returns

Drug reformulation of existing molecules plays a key role in improving patient compliance and improving clinical outcomes.  It also enables a molecules full commercial potential to be recognised. As such it is vital in maximising returns on investment.

Key tactical objectives of drug reformulation include;

  • Extending the scope of the drug (i.e. indication,  routes of administration)
  • Improving efficacy
  • Improving ease of administration
  • Optimising Pricing
  • Extending patent life
  • Improving the products competitive profile

Revitalising your Product

Drug reformulation also reveals a number of marketing opportunities at different stages of the product lifecycle that help to achieve strategic goals.

Employing Mayne Pharma’s proprietary technology to manage the product life cycle will allow opportunities for new regulatory exclusivity and intellectual property, and hence extend the period of marketing exclusivity for the product.

Product lifecycle opportunities include;

  • The new and differentiated formulation enables repositioning of the molecule and an opportunity to grow sales.
  • Increased commercial potential of a molecule is enabled through expanding the scope (i.e. new indications, accessing new segments of patient populations).
  • Market is switched to a competitively differentiated formulation which provides extended patent protection.
  • Reformulation of an off patent drug to capture market share and/or grow the market for the drug.

Maximising returns on new chemical entities (NCE)

Many NCEs fail to reach the market as an oral dose form due to inadequate physicochemical or biopharmaceutical properties (e.g. high variability in absorption, short half life etc). This results in candidate failure or development of the NCE in a less preferred route.

Such deficiencies may be addressed with the application of Mayne Pharma’s drug delivery technologies, which can help to diminish such inadequacies, formulate a NCE into a preferred route and allow for NCE optimisation.

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