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Company History

Mayne Pharma has over 160 years of history in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

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1970s1980s1990s2000s +
  • Development of enteric coated levodopa (Prodopa™).
  • Betadine™ licensed to Sanofi-Aventis Australia from Mundipharma.
  • Development of enteric coated erythromycin (Eryc™).
  • FDA approval and first US sales of Eryc™ by Warner Lambert (Chilcott). 
  • Salisbury site acquired in 1983 by F H Faulding & Co Limited.
  • Development of delayed release Doxycycline capsules (Doryx™).
  • Development of enteric coated aspirin (Astrix™).
  • Development of Sustained release theophylline (Austyn™).
  • WF Scammell Research Centre opened at Salisbury. 
  • Development of taste-masking technology (Cleantaste™).
  • Development of sustained release morphine (Kadian™).
  • Development of Taste Masked paracetamol (Nopap™).
  • Development of Taste Masked Ambroxol. 
  • Super-bioavailability (SUBA™).
  • Development of delayed release Doxycycline tablets (Doryx™).
  • Development of the Doryx™ 150mg tablet.
  •  Mayne Pharma acquires Metrics, Inc.  

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